Thursday, July 19, 2007

NFB films for TD Canadian Children's Book Week

Once again National Film Board of Canada will be working with the Canadian Children's Book Centre to circulate English and French versions of the classic award-winning Talespinners, From Book to Film: Animated Classic by Sheldon Cohen and Three Wishes (only available in English) to schools and libraries across Canada in celebration of TD Canadian Children's Book Week 2007.

This year, a new collection of Talespinners is being offered to schools and libraries for the first time. Talespinners 2 for ages 5-9 features stories of children who deal successfully with personal challenges using ingenuity and creativity. They are resourceful, responsible and resilient, and even though they're animated characters, they portray very human emotions. They turn negatives into positives. They deal with anger and disappointment constructively. They overcome obstacles and demonstrate personal growth. They succeed in small, but authentic, ways.

Talespinners 2 includes ALA 2007 Notable Children Video Selection winner The Girl Who Hated Books as well as other animated children's stories.

All films include lesson ideas.
* Language Arts and Literacy
* Health and Wellness
* Citizenship: getting along with and understanding others
* Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
* Critical Thinking
* Interpersonal skills
* Personal identity
* Fine Arts
* Geography
* Media Literacy
* Science

To borrow these DVDs from the NFB for Book Week 2007, please email Tey Cottingham (

The NFB will pay to ship the DVDs to schools and libraries however each recipient must pay the mailing costs to return the DVDs to the NFB by regular post. The films will be sent to you in October and must be sent back to the NFB by December 20, 2007.

Don't miss this opportunity to make books come alive through award-winning animation for children.

Best regards,
Tey Cottingham