Friday, September 19, 2008

Student Vote—Federal Election Material for Teachers

The BCTF would like to make teachers aware of the valuable information and materials available through Student Vote. During the previous provincial and federal elections, many BC teachers involved their classes in Student Vote, discussing the issues and holding mock elections.

With the federal election under way, Student Vote is active once again and has asked that the Federation share this message with members.

“As you are aware, Canada’s 40th General Election is now under way. Student Vote is once again partnering with Elections Canada to provide students under the voting age with an opportunity to develop and practice the skills of citizenship.

Our non-partisan organization equips your members with a special Elections Kit for use throughout the campaign. The kit includes: Lesson plans, electoral district maps, posters, campaign DVD, ballot boxes, voting screens and ballots.

The program culminates in a vote—hosted by students themselves—where the student body casts a ballot on the real candidates running in the schools’ riding. The Student Vote results will be displayed to the public following the close of official polls in partnership with CBC and regional daily newspapers across Canada.”

Teachers can learn more about the program and register at

Irene Lanzinger, President
BC Teachers' Federation