Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pat Kirkey and Jim Gillett Recieve the 2009 Alan Knight Memorial Award

In Circulation - BCTLA: 2009 April 9

The BC Teacher-Librarians' Association and the Editorial Board of The Bookmark recognize the contribution to communication in teacher-librarianship made by the submission of outstanding articles to The Bookmark. Each year an award committee is formed in one of B.C.’s school districts. This committee selects the most outstanding article in The Bookmark for that year and the Alan Knight Memorial Award goes to the contributor(s). For 2009, the award recipients are Pat Kirkey and Jim Gillett from Central Okanagan School District, School District 23.

In The Bookmark’s
Spring 2008 issue, Kirkey and Gillett contributed an article entitled “A Crash Course in Staging a Major Literary Event”. Along with that article they provided sample letters, forms and schedules to help interested readers plan their own event. This author event guide was well received by many readers and demonstrated how useful a resource The Bookmark can be.

On behalf of the BCTLA I would like to congratulate Pat Kirkey and Jim Gillett for their outstanding work in The Bookmark!

Angie MacRitchie
Senior Editor, The Bookmark