Thursday, April 29, 2010

Minister's comment laughable

Prince George Citizen: 2010 April 29

I read with interest the education minister’s letter published on this page recently.

Amusingly, she characterized her letter as a clarification of an earlier letter and defended her government’s current funding of our public schools. As an exercise in political spin it was the same tired stuff parents have been hearing from a succession of ministers denying responsibility for their actions in degrading our schools.

Here is some advice to the minister. Given your government’s lack of credibility around your pre-election budget and the deceptive introduction of the HST no one is buying what you are spinning on the education front.

We see class size going up, services to kids being cut, librarians disappearing and you being misleading about your role in properly funding one of the most vital public services we can provide to our children.

A doctor such as yourself should remember your oath: first do no harm.

Joanne Hapke
Prince George