Friday, May 14, 2010

Budget cuts hurt school kids


While the 2010/2011 budget for the school district is not official, it is apparent that deep cuts have had to be made in order to present a balanced budget to the ministry. All over the district, teachers are reeling at the impact these cuts will have in the classroom, and they are wondering how it can be “business as usual” next September.

Several programs and services will not be available to students next year. Adapted physical education classes for special needs students are gone completely. Primary guided reading classes have been cut from some schools. 

Teacher librarian time in the secondary schools has been cut by 50 per cent, and in elementary schools, the time has also been reduced. Choir and music programs are either cut completely or reduced in schools. Special education time has been significantly reduced in most schools. In secondary schools, some elective classes have been cut, such as French 12 and Calculus 12.

Parents should be asking the administrators at their child’s school which services and programs will remain for next year. They may be very surprised with the answer.

Jenny Garrels
President, SC Teachers’ Association