Sunday, June 24, 2007


Resolution 104­ Class Size
That the BCTF continue to lobby the provincial government to establish in legislation firm class-size and composition limits and non-enrolling teacher/student ratios and caseloads at all grade levels. Carried

Resolution 106­ Specialist Teachers
That the BCTF lobby the provincial government to provide funding to school districts to reinstate staffing ratios and caseloads for specialist teachers so that services that support student learning can be regained. Carried

Resolution 143 ­Teacher-Librarians
That the BCTF demand that the ministry immediately include participation of teacher-librarians in all ministry curriculum and literacy committees and that a teacher-librarian be added to ministry staff to guide the building of strong school library programs in BC public schools. Carried

The chair ruled that Resolution 144 was dealt with in Resolution 143