Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don t Tax our Schools

Over the past three years, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has paid the federal government $21.7 million in GST. About $40,000 for each of our 550 schools over the three years. Or about $80 for each of our 270,000 students over the three years. The TDSB has asked for a reprieve from this tax on the school system. Similar figures are reported by school boards across Canada.

It is frustrating to supporters of public education to see the federal government receive GST on the construction of new schools, while at the same moment GST is not collected on the construction of a new prison whether built municipally, provincially or federally. GST is also collected on computers, repairs, pencils, paper - the list goes on.

We have launched a website to deliver a message to all federal candidates in Canada. At present every candidate in Canada with an email address can be reached through our website. We have also created an engine for supporters to send a message to your friends, family and colleagues.

Last week we launched a media campaign with great success with coverage in all local newspapers, the majority of radio and some television. A radio advertising campaign took place on 680 News. A note is going home to all TDSB students and staff, signs are being installed at all TDSB schools and emails are flying. We need everyone with a passion for promoting a better TDSB to help get the word out.

Please forward this message to your contacts - We have to deliver our message - Use our website - Go to our What Can You Do page to tell your candidates, family, friends and neighbours across Canada - Don' t Tax Our Schools .

Thanks for helping our movement get the word out across Canada.