Saturday, October 18, 2008

The perfect time to make Library Month meaningful

Vancouver Sun Letter: 2008 October 18

On Oct. 1, Education Minister Shirley Bond proclaimed this to be Library Month. As a library worker and a library user, I've reflected on what this means.

On Oct. 1, many library workers in B.C. didn't have pay equity. They still don't.

On Oct. 1, school libraries in B.C. were understaffed and underfunded. They still are.

On Oct. 1, school districts in B.C. had school libraries that are closed to students for some or all of the school day. That's still the case.

Libraries workers appreciate October being Library Month, but we'd appreciate it more if it came with a commitment to pay equity for all library workers and stable, adequate funding for school libraries.

This is an election issue. I urge British Columbians to ask school board and city council candidates if they support pay equity for library workers and stable funding for school libraries.

It's not too late to make Library Month meaningful.

Zoe Magnus, President, CUPE 523 Okanagan Valley School Employees Union